Catering Jobs

Are you looking for a catering job? Then your search ends here. Find out what catering jobs exist, what the catering jobs requirements are and who recruits for catering jobs. Catabase provides catering jobs across the whole scale for many different employers with good employment prospects.

What Catering Jobs Exist?

Catering jobs range from catering supervisors sourcing food, to waiting and bar staff serving food and drink. Depending on the size and quality of an establishment there are a variety of different management positions for all these operations available. These include supervisory staff, restaurant managers, conference and banqueting management and others. Typical catering jobs include waiters/waitresses, bar personal, conference & banqueting assistant staff, catering assistants, door attendant/commissionaire and sommelier/wine waiter.

Catering Jobs - Requirements

The busiest times in catering jobs are generally evenings, weekends and public holidays. By taking on a catering job you will often be required to work long, irregular hours and shifts and to work at weekends. However this may also mean that you benefit from flexibility that shift-working can provide.

Any catering job demands of an employee to deal with the public. For this reason one of the most important prerequisites for catering staff is friendliness and politeness in order to provide good customer service.

You will also be expected to work well in a team and have some stamina. Catering staff at management level also need good organisational and problem-solving skills. Qualification requirements for catering jobs vary widely and cover the scale from basic education needs to good qualified staff.

Recruitment for Catering Jobs

Recruitment for catering jobs is tremendously varied. Most of the employers for catering jobs can be found in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, including themed restaurants and pub restaurants. But there are also catering jobs in clubs and bars, including bar facilities in hotels and restaurants, museums, art galleries, theme parks, cinemas, and leisure resorts or even in educational establishments, hospitals, nursing homes, railways, airports and cruise ships. All of these catering employers vary from budget to luxury establishments which define greatly the prospect of earnings and job requirements.

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